Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Custom Apocalypse Datasheet Creation Service!

    Hello guys! Today, I will be taking up a commission based Apocalypse Data Sheet creating service. The standard sheet will cost you £2.50 via PayPal, which includes a possibly digitally tweaked picture from the internet to match your idea/model, or models, and a piece of specially written background information on the subject matter. It of course comes with all the rules and options for your subject. Anything can be done, from monster to swarms. It will look very much like the Enslaver sheet above, which I made a while back. You will receive it in digital form via E-Mail - it can be in PDF, or as a standard picture file. It will be in A4 size. You can also upgrade your sheet and have a unique and custom pencil sketch done of it, and imported onto the sheet in place of an internet picture, for a total of £5, including the rest of the datasheet as afore mentioned. Any datasheet I make can be as personalized and specific as you like, or you can give me some ideas for me to play with, and create the ultimate unit/beast! Simply email me at to find out more, and if you would like samples of my pencil sketches, simply ask.


  1. Interesting....

    (to bad I don't play apocolypse, otherwise I'd definetely buy one)

  2. Thanks, good to hear - I hope other people do!