Slave horde strip

Slave horde strip

Saturday 4 June 2011

Games Workshop - Greedy, Careless of the Hobby - Finecast - Poor Quality and a Rip Off

As you know, I was adamant on making a Finecast purchase, but I turned away empty handed. Citadel Finecast is expensive, it has much flashing and imperfections, and is of a cheap material. I understand that the price increases are simply for many products, and not just Finecast ones, but although the product is the same sculpt, it is in a different material, and this means that the same price as the old material (metal) cannot be charged on what is practically a new product. In the business world, business doesn't care if the model is a 'Stormcaller' sculpt, or 'Uruk-hai' sculpt, but it does care about what material it is, and how much this material costs. This means that just because a 'Gandalf' in metal is now the same 'Gandalf', but in a different material (resin), and this doesn't make it the same product. It is now an entirely new product, and should be labelled with the according prices of this new product, and not with the prices of an old product which was completely different, except for that it resembles the new one.

Miniwargaming Matt has put together a video explaining Games Workshop's other greedy schemes...
Games Workshop are really taking the wrong move!