Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Golden Demon Bronze Skaven Clanrat

      So I claim to have a Golden Demon Bronze trophy, well, the first feature of my blog will be that very miniature. Here it is...

And here is the GW link:

So check it out.

It was basically painted with 'many-layered' layering. It may appear to have blends, but these are just where there are so many layers that it appears to be blended. The metal was painted by a metallic orange-purple layered, with two washes, and then a 'rust scrape' of mithril silver. It suprisingly to a considerably short time to paint, around 6 hours, unlike my previous failed GD entry (more on that to come), which took around 10 hours, partially due to painstaking trial and error blending, which I clearly never continued in my next run!

If you want any tips, or have any questions, then the floor is open...

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