Sunday, 20 February 2011

Warhammer Fantasy 5,500pt Tourney BatSum

     So I had the battle, and it was a good one, although the time ran out as it was just getting tasty, between round 3 and 4. There were many ways to score points, these including:
1pt for a hill captured
1pt for standard captured
3pts for general slain
5pts for army general slain

    Our team consisted of my 2,109pts of Skaven, James, another Skaven player (he loves hordes!), plus another two guys, some Vampire Counts and Ogres. That was 5,500pts. On the opposing side there was around 4,000pts of a stoic dwarven battle line, and another 1,500pts of Tomb Kings (that guys in for a treat in a few months!).
   Here's my force (two rat ogres are James', and my abomination-creation thing isn't here):
And all the units to enter later:
And the fully deployed battlefield:

And now for a cool butcher with a  sculpted chef's hat by Ed Gimble, the ogre player:
Here, Deathmaster Sniktch and his Gutter Runners infiltrate:
A Skaven Rat looks on at the mighty chapel, seeking a sight of it coming to ruin:
My 'Men of da Match' was certainly my Gutter Runners with Sniktch - Poisoned attacks, 2 attacks each, Snikcht at WS8, always striking first, and 6 attacks with weeping blades! It completely cut down the dwarven gun-line of 3 organ guns (which were very deadly) in scarcely 2 turns!

However the true man of the match for our team had to be James' 'Helen' the Hell Pit Abomination, which killed 12 slayers, 12 long drong dwarven pirates, and 12 quarrelers!
Also at the tourney, me and my cous, Alex Evans - a.k.a. Marsiblu, ventured into the world of mini photography, and small aperture shots, more to come...

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