Thursday, 17 February 2011

Skaven Army List - Preparing for a Tourney on Saturday

   Ready your weapons (or should I say - 'old thing's good enough to poke a hole in a 'humies' chest')! I have a large-scale Warhammer Fantasy tournament battle at my wargaming club on Saturday, so I'm gonna use my Skaven list. I will take some photos, and give you a brief rundown on what happened. I've just wrote this army list, which fully utilises my whole Skaven army, except some awesome abomination proxy, which now I find it's dwarfed by the new model (more on that later). It is not really that specialized, but I'm hoping to use the 'swarm,smash , then zzzzap' tactics in the latest white dwarf. So here's the list...

Rats of the Pusten Flay-Blade Army List:
Warlord = 123pts
+ weeping blade – 30pts – armour piercing, multiplied to d3 wounds
+ shield – 3pts
Deathmaster Snikch = 270pts
Warlock Engineer = 175pts
+ lvl. 2 wizard - 85pts
+ warlock-augmented weapon – 45pts - +1 strength, +1 attack
+ doomrocket – 30pts – roll 4-10 to choose range, then place large template, strength 5, misfire on 3 or more rolls of ‘1’ (consult table), one use only
Clanrats x20 = 190pts
+ spears + shields – 20pts
+ full command – 20pts
+ warpfire thrower – 70pts – move or shoot, place flame template at end of artillery dice range, strength 5, d3 damage, save -2, can overshoot, autohits
Clanrats x20 = 110pts
+ shields – 10pts
+ full command – 20pts
Stormvermin x20 = 248pts
+ shields – 20pts
+ full command – 25pts
+ tail weapon – 8pts – strength 3 attack using user’s WS or initiative to hit
+ doomflayer – 55pts – 3+ save to self, artillery dice no. attacks, auto hit, strength 4, save -2
Giant Rats (30 rats, 3 packmasters) = 114pts
Gutter Runners x9 = 205pts
+ 9x poisoned attacks – 45pts – instant wound on a roll of ‘6’ to hit
+ death runner – 12pts
-          smoke bombs – 10pts – one use only, all pursuing units roll 1d6 less
-          weeping blade – 30pts – armour piercing, multiplied to d3 wounds
Rat Ogres (4 Rat ogres, 2 Packmasters) = 216pts
+ master bred rat ogre upgrade – 15pts
+ master moulder with shockprod – 50pts – 2h, armour piercing
Plague Monks x15 = 130pts
+ full command – 25pts
Plague Censer Bearers x5 = 93pts
+ plague chanter upgrade – 13pts
(NB: censers – flail, at start of a cc round, any models in base contact must take toughness test or suffer a wound, all Clan Pestilens units suffer a wound from this on a roll of a 6 only)
Poisoned Wind Globadiers x5 = 145pts
+ bombardier with death globe – 30pts – one use only, range 8”, scatter, small template, armour piercing, wounds on 4+, ignores to hit
+ poisoned wind mortar – 65pts – can use parent unit’s LOS, if target not in sight, scatter distance is doubled, small template, centre of template = 4+ for instant wound, other part of template = 5+ for instant  wound, armour piercing, range 6”-24”
(NB: poisoned wind globes have range of 8”, each globe that hits wounds on 4+, with no armour saves allowed, if you roll a ‘1’ to hit, then the globadier suffers a wound on a 5+)
Warp Lightning Cannon = 90pts
(NB: it is destroyed if crew flee, range 48”, strength = artillery dice, small round template, under template or in its path suffer a hit at the strength rolled, each unsaved wound is multiplied into d6 wounds, armour piercing)

= In Total =
2,109 pts

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  1. I think that this list would be a "fun" friendly game, really not bad, but for a gaming club smash i would personally want something with a little more "ommph"

    guessing your at about 2110 point limit i would change these things.

    warlords are solid choices although you'll want to make him a bit more durable as he will be picked off quickly. maybe some warpstone armour and a ward and a low point wep.

    I... would suggest fitting a grey seer into this list, one lvl 2 (and with a doomrocket) is a little too small for what you'll be up against.

    deathmaster, way to many points for what you get... if you need an assassin char, get a reg assassin and spend split points on a separate warlock with the DR, so u can have a safe lvl2.

    warlock looks great,if u add a grey seer drop him to lvl1 and get a condensor.


    clanrats should be fielded in minimum 30+... UNLESS it is a bunker for magic. spears not worth the points for 5 more ws3 str3 attacks, your better off with the HW for the parry. As well invest in a champion to accept challenges to disrupt those nasty chars.

    warpfire are gods.... always take them... soo good:)

    stormvermin are good but you'll need a little more than 20. 25-35 is safe, i would also give them a razor banner.

    giant rats are awesome... u can either use them as a flanking or annoyance unit in size you have them OR make smaller units of 5-6 with one packmaster and use them to misdirect units or be speedbumps.


    instead of 9 gutter runners try 2 units of 5 without the death runner, hes just not worth the extra points. gutters are part of the bread and butter:)

    rat ogres, take the master bred off and make sure they hide until it is time to attack

    plague monks will die quick, even with t4 so you'll need a minimum of 25-30 and that's low as it is. also see if you can fit a plague banner in there.

    censors are great but be sure to use them like the ogres OR send them in first and flank with the monks.

    ive had trouble with globs but that unit looks good, be sure to keep the champ alive until the globe drops, nothing wrong here

    these cannons are amazing, nothing wrong at all

    2 is more awesome.