Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Power of the Wash!

     You've seen 'em, those gritty, pro looking minis. Even when the guy tells you he only slappped on a wash to a  'splodged-blodge' of a mini did it look great, you still aren't so convinced. But it was, here I've splodged on one coat of each colour, maybe two layers on some of the areas, but those don't really show up. Then I simply took the Citadel washes, and splashed them on my model as if it was water, give it go! it takes no experience or skill, just, not all my minis are painted this way (I can still paint, it's just hordes of skaven which I want to get done quickly).




  1. Maybe so (although the shading creates more 'prominent' areas), but this is more just to show what someone just starting could do, and what much of a difference the wash makes.