Tuesday, 22 February 2011

WW2 English and Nazis, plus D-Day Gaming Board

    Heya guys, today I picked up a box of Warlord Game's Bolt Action British and German (why do wargaming companies always call them Germans, and not Nazis???). I'm currently working on some skirmish rules available as a free download! It is pretty fast to play (it actually is, I'm not just saying that), and focuses on the toss of a coin, as well as a dice roll to hit (rules available for free download soon!). I've built up six of each faction's troops, and I'm working on a D-Day gaming board! I've used a large box to raise the coast for the hill, some newspaper, cardboard, and brown paper for the  slope down to the beach. I have also made some ruined buildings and gun emplacements out of some old packaging polystyrene. Gonna paint the Brits now, and I'll maybe start on the Nazis if time abides...


  1. I feel like the main reason behind wargaming companies labeling German WW2 infantry as Germans instead of Nazis is due to two reasons. The First being the fact that it's still more Politically Correct to name them as such due to the fact that not every German who fought in their armed forces was a Nazi, it would be the same as trying to label American soldiers after their political parties, Heck, not every American was fighting the war because they felt patriotic, some were in it for the cash. The second reason being, no a lot of people would enjoy the word Nazi and Swastikas plastered all over a boxed set, as people still tend to have a bad taste in their mouth once they hear or see those worlds.

    Anyways, that's my personal opinion as a college student studying history, but I do enjoy seeing the British set built up due to the fact that no images exist of them anywhere on the internet right now other then warlord's site.

  2. Yes, I see what you mean - it would be rather off putting to have that on your boxed set, especially if it's been knocking around your house. I know what you mean with the political thing, it's all true, except it simply seems like we're covering their buts a bit!