Wednesday, 2 March 2011

D-Day Board Complete! + WW2 Infantry Painted! + Sneak Peeks of What's to Come...

    So, I've been working on some WW2 stuff lately, with exceptions, such as Project OGRe (all will be revealed tomorrow!), and Ugluk, from LOTR. The D-Day gaming board is complete, with painted sand beaches (use Dulux paint, great matte priming finish, plus you've got paint to waste, prime models and boards with it). Later in the weeks an store will open, in which you can purchase my 'Never Surrender' WW2 skirmish rules set, which will be free, however, they will be simpler, and the paid version will come with colour pictures, and a Nazi Zombies rule set! The D-Day board also had some grass mat glued on top. The minis were painted in groups of five in around an hour and a half using washes, so that was good - a painting tutorial will be coming!

                        And above two rather improvised pics of my second trial of the Never Surrender ruleset

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