Monday, 28 March 2011

Savage Orc Boyz

   Sorry it's been a while - been busy. The american paras are nearly painted now, and I've been getting back into D&D again (since last September-October). I've also been real into the Orcs and Gobbos, with my O.G.Re project. I picked up a box of the new savage orc boyz and painted three of them up. I went to town on these bearing in mind that they were infantry, and I suppose the other 7 will hit hard! For the skin, I basecoated goblin green, washed them in watered down (and with a drop of washing up liquid to keep surface tension, allowing a more even coverage) dark angels green, and then layered on a 4:1 mix of goblin green to sunburst yellow. By the way, adding white to green simply pales it up, add yellow and then introduce white on the higher layers if you want a zany green! A great kit - and fun to paint - !

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