Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tamiya Scenery for D-Day WW2 Gaming Board

   Yesterday, I went down to HobbyCraft and picked up some Tamiya scenery kits for my 'Never Surrender' game, and D-Day board...

Here is the Sandbags kit - has a lot of potential - heat them up and fold them! The only thing is, you only get around 3 average sized barricades per kit. 8/10
This is perfect for my gaming board, and has anti-tank obstacles, and stakes to make barbed wire fences/coils, but comes with no wire, or plastic wire. 6.5/10, but 'cos it was perfect for me, I'd say 8.5/10 in my instance only.
Rather good for some bombed french buildings, but only contains enough to build 1 medium sized building corner and two small wall corners/barricades. 7/10

   So, it seems Tamiya are rather decieving - false. I suppose that these kits are more just 'casted resources' for the modeller, rather than scenery kits. At only £5 each, this was waiting for my gaming board...

Here is one average sized sandbag formation that I've built, and one anti-tank obstruction (so that's what they were!). Here is also a coil of wire (I wrapped it 'round a pipe') with two of the stakes glued together at either end.
I made these barbed-wire pointy-parts out of some thin wire wrapped around the chunkier wire, leaving the ends pointing out.

Here is a building with a carboard floor ripped for it, with paper-clip pipes and window frame. The smashed window is made from the bottom of a Blueberry Punnet, with clear plastic of course!

And here's the D-Day board with minis for size comparison, and all of the terrain I've built on it!

I am working on the Never Surrender full version rulebook now, but hopefully I can get out the free simplified version out straight after!

Note that all pics on my blog can be opened in a new tab, and zoomed into to see further details!

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