Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Miniature Photography

      Got the problem fixed! Right, me and my cousin - Alex Evans/Marsiblu, took some shots of minis/wargaming related things, trying to get crisp shots (my camera can zoom into previously taken photos, uncovering otherwise invisible details without pixelising), and experimenting with close aperture (crisp, focused foreground, blurry background)...

An interesting dice shot, from Alex Evans

Sweet momma - crisp, with a great sense of direction, it looks very imposing, with a well performed close aperture effect, from my cousin

Just a practice shot on one of my gutter runners, taken by Alex

Simply a crisp-pic! Taken by me.

The same model, at a different angle - not taken by me.

Of similar effect as the warp lighting cannon pic, very interesting (off centered) - interesting background, but not too attention seeking, nice close aperture, taken by my cousin.

Similar, by cous

Close aperure narrative shot - by me

Similar, by me

Similar, by my cousin (or was it the first one like this that was by him??)

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