Thursday, 3 March 2011

Project O.G.R.E. - Orcs and Goblins Revamp:

       Hey guys, so, it's project OGRe, which is going to be a venture into the revival of my Orcs and Gobbos army. I started it just over 3 years ago, and was my second army, after Lizardmen, if you consider me not taking the Skull Pass minis as an army, just a start into the hobby and game, which is how I saw it, having had them before my Lizardmen. Of course, this army had alot to be desired, for instance, not a single regiment of Orc Boyz, different bases, only some highlights with drybrushing, and not being able to paint a metal model without the paint chipping, nor getting bright colours bright enough. Not leaving my WW2 models being, i will be starting the revamping of this army. It will include adding extra highlights, washes, all bases the same, repainting some models, and some adding to this army...

            Which brings us to this orc boy project. I have had many orcs, which have been left to eat dust, in multiple pieces! Many second hand orc boyz (hell whoever owned them should never be allowed to keep his genitalia) and some from Black Reach (I never took to Orks), will be repainted/painted, fixed, and even converted from 40k to fantasy orcs (cut off the gun and add a shield for Choppa Boyz). I am making a start, and have 8 done:

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